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The all-day-and-night buzzing town of Fira

Just a short walk from everything, Kalisti Hotel & Suites is perfectly located downtown, by the main road of the island, so you can easily enjoy the all-day-and-night buzzing town of Fira as well as the unique scenery and beaches of the island. Our front desk can arrange pick-up from the airport or the port for your convenience. If you choose to take transportation, the hotel's central location makes it really easy to find, at the Fira entrance from the Port or Airport.

The volcanic island of Santorini (Thira) is situated in the Southern Aegean Sea in the Cyclades complex. It's a popular destination with more than 4.500 years of cultural history. Visitors are always amazed by the stunning Caldera views. Santorini nowadays is actually the remaining of an enormous volcanic explosion dated 3,600 years which created the current geological caldera rim, the high steep cliffs of the volcano in the inside part of the island.

From this great eruption two small islands were also created, Palea and Nea Kameni, visited by hundreds of people every day during the touristic season. Known for its unique beauty offers many beautiful sights, picturesque villages, archeological findings, scenic churches, beautiful black beaches and museums. It is also known as a cosmopolitan island and for its vivid nightlife. Peacefulness and amusement, relaxation and entertainment, tradition and modern comforts coexist in harmony. No wonder why it became so well known and fashionable destination for couples that want to celebrate the sacrament of their marriage or honeymoon.

Book at Kalisti Hotel & Suites and enjoy your holidays in Santorini!
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